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The object overview link makes the three tools within it the ultimate combination.
You can display as many different object types (for example, action figures) or groups of objects (e.g., show me everything about STAR WARS) as you wish, and all with only one mouse click / finger tip.

Object Overview - Shortcut


If you want to know what possibilities you have with the object overview, please read the tutorials of for the search, sorting and table functions. These tutorials will show you how to make a unit from all these tools; how to save your desired sort, search and table settings; and how to create a new link to access your saved settings.

Object Overview - Shortcut create/modify


The administration of the links works in the same way as sorting, searching and administration.
You have a list of all stored shortcuts.
Use the checkbox to set whether you want it in the selection in the object overview.
The red bin cancels the links and you can change the links using the crossed tool.

Object Overview - Shortcut management


You have the possibility to present your collection in any conceivable way. You can create a presentation based on object type, for example, or one using different object groups. You can mimic other queries and get the results quickly.

This gives you unlimited possibilities.

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