Object Overview


The object overview is the core of the collecting database. From here you can conduct your whole collection.

The object overview is the most abundant tool of collecting databases by far. Even when was at the prototype stage it was more powerful than other comparable sites. There was only one issue – the table tool was not yet in place.

Within the object overview there are three connected tools:


In the object overview the sorting is the tool on the very left side.
This tool gives you the possibility to sort object as you prefer. There are no limits – Sorting


The “search” function allows you to search and refine it in any direction. Within the properties, you can exclude specific parameters or create constraints, and search across all object types if you wish. You can sort the output as you like – The SEARCH


The table tool shows the objects itself. As pictures, as tables with or without pictures. You can adjust which properties should be shown. Maybe this doesn’t sound spectacular as almost every collecting software is able to do this. But the difference is that with this tool you can save several approaches of the table display and trigger it with one mouse click. This allows you a higher flexibility. – Tutorial: Table Tool


With this function, you connect the three tools to a super tool, which makes the work much easier – SHORTCUT

object view