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Competition September 20, 2020 By No Response

GERMANStart: 25 September 2020 / End: 31 October 2020

With the support of Modbrix, we are holding a competition on the occasion of the publication of our blog entry “MODBRIX – small but nice


To win one of the sets you just have to solve the following task:

Create a shortcut in the object overview and it has to

1. show all products of object type “Modular Brick System” (see the tutorial “search“)
2. is sorted by manufacturer, merchandise lines and name (see the tutorial “sorting“)
– manufacturer
– Merchandise
– Names
3. name the shortcut “Modular Brick Systems”(see the tutorial “shortcut“)

Trench Run

Fulfill this task in your account UNTIL 31 October 2020. If you do not have an account yet, register for free

Notify me as soon as you have solved the task

I look at your solution, if it is correct, I confirm it or write you what is missing.

If something should be unclear to you, you can ask me in the forum.

Among all those who have solved the task by October 31, 2020, we will raffle the Modbrix set shown above.

Good luck!!!


START: September 25, 2020
END: October 31, 2020
Forum: Gewinnspiel: Modbrixl


A note to the forum language!

We have a multi language forum. Which means you can write in English, German, Espaniol or France.
You can the language of all postings on the top of them, like you see at the picture.
So don’t be irritated if you cannot read the postings, change it into your language 😉

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