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GERMANThe first set released under Modbrix was “Die Schlacht um den Eisplaneten“.
This is also the only set that is not produced by Modbrix. In the meantime Modbrix is a partner of a Chinese manufacturer and can directly influence the quality.

Die Schlacht um den Eisplaneten

This means that the quality is constantly improving, as with all new LEGO challengers.

After I have informed myself about Modbrix. I tested what happens if a part is missing. After that I contacted Modbrix and also mentioned that I’m not quite satisfied with the brick quality of „Die Schlacht um den Eisplanet“. Especially the hose is absolutely and completely useless as a clamping component. Then Michael Gaßmann from Modbrix told me that „Die Schlacht um den Eisplanet“ is very popular, but not a real Modbrix set, because they don’t make it themselves.
To illustrate the quality of the sets, I got to see the „Trench Run“ diorama and Modbrix gave us another „Trench Run“ set for a competition!

The quality is very good. Not perfect but very good, the stones hold together and look valuable. What more do you want? Only the tile grids don’t fit 100%, sometimes there are stress marks when you press them on another stone. But none of this was bad with my set.

Especially with „Trench Run“ you can see that Modbrix is constantly improving.

Trench Run

The 2×1 stones, in which the cross axes of the two TIEs are to be put, are much too tight. You can smash them into the stones with a hammer, but I don’t think this was intended.
Modbrix reacted to this and put suitable replacement stones, loose in the pack.
But there is a hint missing. If you don’t know that, you overlook the matching stones and get annoyed with the wrong ones.

Johnny's WeltI only noticed the stones after I found out about them on the German Youtube channel Johnny’s Welt and he was informed by others.

What the two sets have in common is that they are not meant to be played.
They are sets for adults.
Especially with the „Die Schlacht um den Eisplanet“ set you need a sure instinct to build the sets, then building them is fun, interesting and crowned with success. I have often read on the internet that „Die Schlacht um den Eisplanet“ is very difficult to build. I can only speak for myself and I had no problems worth mentioning. The torso of the AT-AT was indeed tricky, but still no problem. With a seven year old I see the possibility to finish the set as rather small.

Die Schlacht um den Eisplaneten
Die Schlacht um den Eisplaneten

Not everything is for children

But if you think you have something LEGO-like in your hands with these two sets, you are wrong, especially with the „Die Schlacht um den Eisplaneten“ set.
LEGO is always built in such a way that it is also suitable for children. „Die Schlacht um den Eisplaneten“ is definitely not meant to be built by children and both sets are dioramas, so not meant for playing. Accordingly, they don’t need much stability, they just need to stand on the shelf and look good and they do. I can’t repeat this often enough to make sure that you don’t get the wrong idea about it and then, as in many reviews on the internet, think badly about it. These sets are not LEGO, they are MOCs from Modbrix.

All other Modbrix sets should be easy to build. At least they look like it. I had none of these sets in my hands, so I can’t say more than that.

Modbrix - Bausteine Wohnmobil Camper - Crystal Ship aus Breaking Bad
Modbrix - Movie Cars 3in1 Set Bausteine Autos aus bekannten Filmen und Serien
Modbrix - Los Pollos Restaurant Bausteine Haus, 388 Klemmbausteine, Minifig Scale

Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement at Modbrix. Apart from their small size, the descriptions are easy to read, but they are very small.
Unfortunately, an error in the X-Wing has crept into the description of the “Trench Run” set. I hope, that the quality control will still work on screws.

The Modbrix people seem to me – after the few contact – very committed, so I have no doubt that they will manage.

For example, one stone was missing from the “Die Schlacht um den Eisplaneten” set.
I received a reply to my mail very quickly:

German original:


danke für die Rückmeldung. Da wir diese Teile nicht einzeln da haben, darf ich Ihnen eine 20 % Kaufpreisminderung anbieten, damit Sie sich die Teile besorgen können, zB. bei bricklink oder ebay?

Wäre das eine Option für Sie, wenn wir das so handhaben?

Beste Grüße

English translation:


thanks for the feedback. Since we don’t have these parts separately, I can offer you a 20% discount so you can get the parts, e.g. on bricklink or ebay?

Would that be an option for you if we handled it that way ?

Best regards

I am not 100% enthusiastic about that. I would have preferred the stone, but they are trying and they are not a big company. I like to turn a blind eye to that. Besides, they were definitely trying to make up for the mistake.

My conclusion:

Modbrix can definitely be given a chance and should be observed.

At Modbrix you are always up for a joke. So they secured the rights at Austria, Germany and Swizerland for the name “Razor Quest”. Whereupon – if the rumors are true – LEGO had to stop selling their own set, because in this case they need the permission of Modbrix instead of LucasFilm 🙂
This makes me grin and at the same time I hope that they didn’t wake up a sleeping giant with this.

Modbrix - Razor Crest Bausteine Raumschiff 1389 Klemmbausteine

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