MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE – Die Giganten des Universums

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MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE - Die Giganten des UniversumsGERMANThe book “Masters of the Universe – Giganten des Universums” has been lying on my table for months, waiting to be described.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE - Die Giganten des Universums

But there was and is Covid and all sorts of other things that have delayed this description.
But it was also hard to find a beginning because: There is not much to tell.

Honestly, I started and stopped the description again and again.
A description lives from the good and not-so-good things.

But here there is nothing ” not so good”, there is only good! That makes a product review seem unbelievable. But honestly, “Giganten des Universums” is great!

All I can say about this book is:

“If you like Masters of the Universe, you need this book!”

This book is for anyone

who don’t want to take their old comics out of the box (that includes me)
who don’t want to collect the old comics
who doesn’t want to have old comics because they don’t want to look after them
others I can’t think of at the moment

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE - Die Giganten des Universums

Or, in other words, this book is for EVERY German-speaking MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE fan!

Of course also for all other languages, but they don’t know these comics AND the book is only available in German for licensing reasons.
But does a real MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE fan care? Whether it’s in a language you understand?
Probably not 😉

“MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE – Giganten des Universums” is a book entirely in the spirit of

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE - Die Giganten des Universums

It is by fans for fans and it is made with care, respect and a lot of love.
The two founders of Retrofabrik Mustafa and Frank, according to their own statements, have fulfilled a wish for themselves with this book and I believe that immediately. They have also fulfilled a wish for me!

At this point my big THANK YOU!!!

The fact that the various publishers, such as Ehapa, haven’t already come up with the idea of publishing their old comics in book form only shows once again how little most companies know about the collector/fan market. Well, there are already a few reprints. I’ll have to write an article on that one day!

After the statement I could already end the review, that every MOTU fan wants to have this book is out of the question for me.

But what’s in the book, you may be asking.

What is in the book?

Michael Goetze

Michael Goetze

Wilfried A. Hary

Wilfried A. Hary

The foreword is by Wilfried A. Hary, one of the two German giants of the MotU universe.

Who is that?

The author of all German-language MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE stories published by Interpart in the 1980s.

Wilfried A. Hary describes on one page how it happened that he wrote the stories and how Michael Goetze did the illustrations.

This is a nice info and even for those who are not interested in background stories nice to read.

The individual chapters

In the FIRST CHAPTER, after a short introduction, there are all the comic magazines 1-10 and the paperback 1 & 2.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE - Die Giganten des UniversumsThe SECOND CHAPTER consists of a picture gallery. Revised covers and overviews of characters and vehicles.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE - Die Giganten des UniversumsIn the THIRD CHAPTER, you will find “forgotten adventures“. These are stories that were already in preparation, but unfortunately were no longer published. The stories consist only of the author’s text and first sketches for the comic. That’s interesting to look at. How is a comic story planned? Here you get an impression of it.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE - Die Giganten des Universums

In the FOURTH CHAPTER, “Behind the Castle Walls”, examples are used to explain HOW, and especially WHY, the original pictures were sometimes reworked and sometimes not. For me, this is also a very interesting part of this book, because you become aware of many things that you might not have noticed otherwise.

I think the book is terrific and there is another reason why I like this book very much.

The next generation

My daughter is now six years old. I am teaching her how to hold comics in her hand without breaking her back.
You have to learn that, many adults can’t!

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE - Die Giganten des UniversumsThe book has a high quality finish and the pages are stitched. My daughter can look at this book with me while opening the pages all the way. It’s nice to be able to read MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE comics with the next generation without having to fear for the comic. Especially when you see the same fascination in children’s eyes that you had yourself as a child. So much for “no child is interested in that anymore”, complete nonsense!
So we sit on the sofa and eagerly watch the great comics of a unique toy series. Now if MEGA had also designed their MOTU series for children, I would play MOTU with my daughter afterwards, but no Mattel doesn’t think much of starting off properly with MEGA MOTU, but that’s another story 🙁

As for the book, I give you a 100% buy recommendation for the book!

The book is already out of stock at Amazon, but I’m sure you can still find it in comic book shops.

I would be happy if you wrote me what you think about the book!

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