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GERMANWe can create any type of object you want.

You only have to contact us by mail or via the “NEW” icon in the collecting data base.
You describe what you want to collect with the object type and what additional properties you need.

Then my work begins.

First I check if this is really an own object type.

There was a request if I could create an object type “1:6 Statues”. We have the object type “Statues” and with the property “Scale” the “1:6” is also covered. But actually the user wanted to collect action figures in scale 1:6. We already have this object type: Action Figures 1:6 > Action Figures in 1:6 Scale.
So if you want to create a database only for your 1:6 statues it is possible but you can also see your 1:6 action figures seperated in the object overview if you want. If you also want to collect something else, then create a “shortcut” and with one click you have your statues or in this case action figures displayed exactly the way you want to see them.

Sometimes you have to define what this object type actually is! Often the borders are floating, here I have to do some research. A good example for this are the Designer Toys.

So please always include a description of what you need a new object type for.

Action Figures 1:6

When this is cleared up, I will ask you whether you need the object type right away or if you just would like to have it because there is a corresponding object on the table right now.
Experience shows that users quickly ask for an object type and then don’t use it because they have countless other objects they want to enter before. The result would be many different object types with one or two objects. The best example are our cookie jars, I have entered all but one to show some examples for the object type description of the cookie jar.

I would like to avoid this if possible, who goes to a party where nobody is? It is similar with an empty object type.
That’s why I always ask that we only create a new object type when the user is ready to fill it or enters the rest of his collection first. My favorite example is a user who also collects insects. But at the moment he is busy entering his comics and he has a lot of them.

I am thankful for his understanding, because he would enter the comics anyway and the more comics are in the database the more these comics can be used by others for their own database. I hope he will be finished soon, I’m already so curious which properties will come up with his insects. The same goes for a collector of Eristoff bottles. He wanted to create the object type, but has no time right now.

If you want to have special qualities, it may take a little time and I may need your help. A property can be as simple as a name, for example. One input field is enough. But if it is a property that has choices, it can get complicated.
First I have to find out which choices are available. I will show you that and ask you if I have forgotten anything. Sometimes this is very easy, other times I can spend hours gathering the information. It often happens that there are several names for one thing or terms that everybody uses – because everybody does it – but are wrong. This is what I have to find out before I can put a property online for you.

But then the property is online and you can use it. Ideally for more than one object type.

If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to write me via our contact form!

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