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The collection database is the core element of
All the information stored in here is cross-referenced to give you the best possible experience.

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    What’s with all the icons?

Menu Navigation

What’s with all the icons?

We believe in keeping the menus as simple as possible, while ensuring users have easy access to all functions.
Therefore we developed a two-tier menu that is always present and shows where in a user is currently working. is divided into several main areas. The active (golden) icon indicates where the user currently is.
Where exactly you are within the main area is shown in the sub menu beyond.
This example shows that you are located in the detailed view of the collection database.

Main menu and sub menu

You will notice the sub menu is divided by a vertical dash (“|”).
On the left, you’ll always find the functions related to the main area.
On the right-hand side, you can choose distinct options for each function.

There is one special icon as well.

Icon: Detailed view settings

The gear symbol is the icon for “settings”. The main area gear leads to an overview of all available settings.
In addition there is the option to call the settings of a particular function or page.
If there are settings available there will be a gear icon combined with the small function’s icon.
This will take you to the specific settings.

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