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For fan sites, fan forums and Facebook group founders we offer accounts free of charge

We’ve been thinking about how fan sites and forums can benefit from us right from the start.
Fan sites, fan forums and Facebook groups can get up to 5 FREE CB‑vip accounts from us *.
This means you can use the collection database of free of charge.This is the equivalent of getting a CB-premium account on the collecting database, which is worth 36 euros per year. So in total, you could save up to 180 euros a year.

We do not demand any consideration or payment for this. We just do it because we value your work and your commitment.

You can also use the accounts as prizes for contests or to give away to a Poweruser – use it as is best for you!

You register with us and your admin (our contact person) tells us which CB users are to get the CB-vip accounts.
That’s how easy it is.

How can you make money with us?

If you use the collection database from and find it valuable, then simply link to us with the affiliate code from your page in our collection database.

For each paying user who comes from you, you will receive a share from us EVERY YEAR.
The more you link, the higher the chance that users will come over via you. Normal users can participate in this program, but of course a fan site / forum / Facebook group will have a much bigger audience.
Over time, it can be a three-digit sum, which we transfer to you every year!
At the same time, you help us to finance the development of, from which we will all benefit.

More about this in our blog under: Affiliate Program.

Youtube - Affiliate Programme

Win more users by

Nothing can replace good SEO work on your page.

But we can help you to make your site a little more public.

Upload your pictures to our collection database

Pictures are often more meaningful than many words.

You can link your site to us, but you can also upload your pictures to us.
Cover the pictures with your character or mark, or use our own watermark function. This will help by adding links to your site to us AND ensuring that the pictures are optimized for search engines. Thus for an image search e.g. using Google, the image will be displayed on both your site and our results.
We also help you in this way to get users directly and to have better chances through search pages.

Backlinks through “relevant internet pages”

If you are describing an object on your site or talking about an interesting topic in your forum that relates to a particular object listed in our collection database, then put in a link.
You do not have to do anything more than enter your page in the “Relevant Internet Pages” property.

This has two advantages:

  1. Other users of or just people who come to us through a search query will see your page when they look at the item on And when they are looking for information about a particular object, the chance is very high that they will also see your page.
  2. With each link on a page that deals with the same topic (for example, a certain action figure), your page increases in the ranking on Google and other search engines. The higher up you are, the better!
    We can help you.
relevant websites

Would you like to join us? Write us!

* We reserve the right to change a CB-vip account into a CB-free account if a user of this offer is noticeable due to increased incorrect entries and continues to interfere with the operation of after a one-time request to halt such behaviour.
This offer does not constitute a legal claim and can be terminated at any time by us.

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