DeLorean Key – I’m going to the future for a moment

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DeLorean Key Set Replica - Back to the FutureGERMANI just started this post on the spur of the moment because I’ve had my DeLorean Key hanging on my key board since yesterday and I like it 🙂

I liked the films from the beginning, as most of us did.
But to say that I am a big fan of these films would be too much.

DeLorean Key Set Replica - Back to the FutureSo maybe you can understand how much I must have liked The Key when I saw it on Amazon and ordered it immediately. The key of the time machine, 1:1 and it hangs just like that, without comment with my other keys.

Most people will never notice this key – the Delorean Key – will never ask what kind of key it is.
Some will pause for a moment and wonder about the old key. The one or other car fanatic will perhaps dare to take a closer look and discover what is hanging there.

DeLorean Key Set Replica - Back to the FutureMy very own Easter Egg!

That’s exactly what I like about the key. The key, the Delorean Key for Doc Brown’s time machine, hangs in front of everyone’s eyes. It’s even written on the key – Dr. E. Brown – and no one notices anything.

I love all the collectible stuff. Statues, 1:6 figures, replicas of every kind. I like to be at friends’ houses and look at their collection behind display case glass. The DeLorean Time Machine from Hot Toys is a brilliant piece, I get excited when I get to take it out of the display case – who if not me 🙂
But honestly, I think the DeLorean Key is cooler. A DeLorean Time Machine in 1:6 is great,but the car takes up space and gets dusty and one day you get bored of it. But I have the 1:1 key hanging on my board 🙂

DeLorean Key Set Replica - Back to the Future

But what I find really cool is collectible stuff masquerading as consumer items 🙂

A DL-44 or an E-11 that hangs in a holster in the anteroom with the jackets or a DeLorean key on the key board. The advantage of the key is that not everyone – including pacifists – wants to hold it.

DeLorean Key Set Replica - Back to the Future

At 14 euros, the DeLorean Key is affordable for everyone.

Just a little tip from me, if you want to drive into the future for a short while, then you need a Delorean Key hanging on your key board.

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