*Collector Relationship Management

GERMANYOUR PARTNER WHEN IT COMES TO COLLECTORS is a collection database. Designed by collectors for collectors.
It was important for us to map everything that collectors need, to simplify their collecting life and to save time. It is our claim not to compromise. The goal is to program the best collection database available to collectors.
In direct comparison to competitors, represents the most mature solutions available on the market. Nevertheless, our own demands are far from fulfilled. is an all-encompassing collection tool and it is therefore particularly well suited for companies that maintain or support a collector community for their own products, or for those that intend to do so.
Our solution offers optimal opportunities for CRM – Collector Relationship Management – to maintain your own customers and to analyze the market.

Together with the community, we are continuing to develop additional elements and services for our tool. Already though, it covers the following areas:

What is - a short introduction



The strongest bond arises in a partnership.

Provide your collectors with a platform that gives the best value for both sides. Do not just offer your products – become a partner of your customers, give them a platform where collector can MANAGE, PRESENT, and TRADE their entire collection. is the ideal tool with which you can service your customers. In addition to giving your customers more tools and options than any competitor, gives you insights that you never had before.

With you can get to know every detail regarding the collections of your customers.



What do you know about your collectors? You probably have factual knowledge about the purchases of your customers in your own webshop, but getting more information is a major challenge.
What does the structure of your customers’ collections really look like?
Which customer is interested in which product in your range?
In what combinations are products from other manufacturers collected in collections with your own products?
Which products have the greatest opportunities in the market based on this information?
What about products that are bought in ‘bricks-and-mortar’ stores and not through you webshop?
You could answer these questions if you had an insight into your customers’ collections.

The collection database of offers you this insight:
Where do your customers come from?
Where does which customer buy which item?
At what price?
How do your customers’ collections fit together?
Which announced products are your customers interested in?
What are your customers looking for / buying on the secondary market?

These questions can be analyzed and answered with the CRM‑ We offer you clear numbers.


The main goal of is to help you strengthen customer loyalty and to enable data analysis.

When you know your customers’ collections, you know what they prefer to buy and what they have already purchased from you and other manufacturers. This means you can suggest to your customers only those products for which they also feel a passion.

There are many ways to offer a product for example:

  • Purchase buttons directly in the collection database.
  • Product suggestions in a separate image bar.
  • A mail from you in which you make a special offer.

Optimize your offer for each of your collectors.


Your customer buys one of your products in your webshop.
After the purchase, your product is automatically entered in the collection database of your customer with all the sales data.
A small function, with great effect for both you and the customer. You keep your database up to date without your customer having to do anything himself.

Communicate with your customers directly through the collection database!
A problem with your product? The customer can contact you directly via the detail page of their product. At the same time, you have all the information about the particular case without your customer having to complete a form.
Reviews about your product can be transferred directly from our collection database into your webshop and vice versa. Thus, users can also see ratings of their products outside of their customer base.
Use the as a control center for communication with your collector. Your customer does not have to make an extra effort to come to you anymore, you are already there!


Although is in its first phase, we know that we are the best collection database on the market. But we have much more ahead of us. Every step that we take will increase the benefits for you and your customers.

Communicate developments from as an added benefit from you for your customers so that you have another way to keep in touch with them in a positive way.

SaaSYOUR WISHES, OUR TASK is for you an external software solution (SaaS).
Your advantage: we take care of the software development, while you focus on your customers.

From the beginning, our collection database was and continues to be developed through close communication with our users. We show our users what we are planning, and they tell us what they think about these ideas, as well as any other features for which they wish. We do not program for – we are programming WITH our users. This benefits and advantages of this working practice have proven themselves, and we will keep it.

We want to work with our business customers, as we do with our private customers. Tell us what you want, and we will make it possible for you or find a better solution with you.

As our customers you are part of our company. That is our philosophy, as only in this way can the best results be achieved for both sides.

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