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When you have a collection you obviously love to be able to present it and to show it to other people!

From the very beginning of the concept, it was clear that a presentation tool had to be a major part of the site from the very beginning.

For those who want to know all the details, there is a detailed tutorial here:

Presentationtyp: Windows


We’ve created an example presentation to give an idea of what is possible. You can find it here:example presentation.

presentation - main page


The symbol for access the presentation tool is the screen. This icon is placed under the submenu of the database colored in gold.
On the welcome page you find an overview of all your presentations. You can create as many presentations as you like. After 30 days both for CB-free and CB-light user only one presentation remains active.

You will see the following column headings:

You can give each presentation a title. Clicking on the name will direct you to the settings of the presentation.

For now. we have eight different types of presentations planned and these will be incorporated little by little, allowing you to mix different types of presentation. The first type available is called “Windows”.

This is the link for your presentation that you can post in Facebook, on forums and social media, or wherever you like, so that everybody can see your presentation when following the link. You can copy and share the internet address.

File call up:
This provides a counter of the number of times the presentation has been viewed, allowing you to know how many people have seen your collection. If you have several presentations, this information can also help you to create bespoke or even more interesting presentations.

This is the date when your collection presentation was created.

Choosing this check box puts your presentation online and allows it to be viewed from outside of via the presentation link. If you want to remove the presentation from being viewable via the internet, simply remove the check from the box. This does NOT delete your presentation from

In case you would like to delete you presentation, simply check this box and click ‘save’.

Further buttons:

If you have several presentations, this function can be of use when you would like to reset the checkboxes.

Save your settings by clicking on this.

Create a presentation:
To create a new presentation click on this button. You can also create a new presentation by clicking on the symbol with the crossed tools.

Presentations – Settings

presentation - settings


The settings for the presentation are very simple to use and can be quickly explained.

Here you enter the title of your presentation. You can do in input field NAME.

The chart under “Access” appears only when you have a saved presentation. It is not visible until this point. The chart shows how many times your presentation has been viewed.

The password option is here in response to a request from several collectors. Understandably, not everybody wants to present their presentation to everybody. We’ve put a password option in place so that, if you want, only those people with the right password can have the password have access to the presentation. When the “Gemeinschaft” is implemented, you can specify that only specific groups have access to the presentation.

presentation - settings


At NEW you can mark objects in your collection as NEW. We know that there may be differences between when items were purchased and when they’re added to, so while ‘NEW’ will automatically be based on the purchase date, you can also add additional items here. You can define for how many days an article should be marked as NEW.

At the moment new objects will be marked with a NEW in front of the name, but another folder containing all the new objects will also be available and, when using the selection tool within the object overview, you can even create a presentation with all the new objects if you want to!

Groups are active with the community only.

All object types which you are using within your collection will be shown and you can choose which object types should be shown in your presentation. CB-premium, CB-supporter and CB-vip user can create targeted presentations for different groups.

presentation - settings


It is crucial to decide how to sort the objects that you are going to present! You can select from the various sorting selections that you have saved in your object overview. We suggest just play ing with the sort functions in order to see how the different options look for your collection!

Here you can choose the kind of gallery you would like to use for your presentation. Ultimately, we are planning eight different types, from classical and precious full screen galleries to a picture cloud or a hyperspace presentation. At a later stage you will be able to switch within the gallery types. The detail page will be used at the moment in order to present the object information. This is going to change.

This is the same function as in the overview. When the checkbox is not set, the presentation is not online and cannot be seen by anyone else.

In order to show your own pictures without worrying that the pictures can be taken and used by another collector, you can add a water mark to the pictures automatically through How this works is laid out under the detail page at “Water mark”.