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GERMANIt’s one of the irritants in life, when you have to find something in a list – such as your country or language – and you have to spend time scrolling back and forth to see where it is.
It always makes me happy when I can find my own country at the top of the list. So much quicker and easier.

The collection database of has this function, but a lot more as well. Not only can you place your own country at the top, you can also display any country, language and currency your like at the top!

This makes sense for collectors. While we buy and sell all over the world, we generally return to a number of countries more than others. If we want to save where our collectibles come from, it’s convenient if our favorite countries are at the top of the list.

A simple but helpful comfortable feature that is quick and easy to learn – like everything in’s collection database.


You click on (1.) Settings, then the (2.) Details Page. On the page there is the area “countries, languages and currencies”.

In the appropriate table you mark the contents that you would like to be displayed first, then you click on save. You will then find your choice under “preferred countries, languages and currencies”.

From this moment you will always see your preferences first in the appropriate properties.

If you want to add a new item to the preferred countries, languages or currencies, that’s easy to do, just highlight it – but don’t forget to also mark the ones you’ve already selected. When they are saved, only the marked contents are classified as your preference.

Like all the other features on, this feature is very useful and at the same time very simple to use!

Have fun archiving your collection, you can find more topics for setting up your collection database in our FAQ.

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