Trade lists (offer & search), Tutorial August 15, 2020

With you can have offer and search lists created automatically. The lists update themselves and interested people can contact…

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How do I get my new object types or properties?, FAQ, Object Types July 7, 2020

We can create any type of object you want. You only have to contact us by mail or via the…

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Bobblehead, Object Types June 14, 2020

For the sake of completeness, I also define bobblehead here:

Read More 2.0 or “What’s next?” May 18, 2020

Probably some of you have asked yourselves why you haven’t heard from us for a longer time. You can read…

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It’s one of the irritants in life, when you have to find something in a list – such as your…

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Designer Toys (Urban Vinyl / Vinyl Figures), FAQ, Object Types March 22, 2018

Designer Toys are becoming increasingly popular. More and more artists are trying out this type of object, thereby creating ever…

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Affiliate Program – Made by Collectors for Collectors

Affiliate program, March 21, 2018

1. Login Register for free at with a CB-free account and activate the affiliate program. Learn more » Sign...
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Data security on, FAQ February 22, 2018

Questions such as, “How easy is it to hack” or “Is my data secure in the collection database?” are…

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OBJECT OVERVIEW 1.5, Tutorial December 12, 2017

We have good news for you! The object overview is now much faster! What we did is – almost –…

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NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, Tutorial December 4, 2017

A search fulfills two tasks: – It finds a certain thing. – It filters a smaller quantity from a large…

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