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From collectors to collectors” – that’s our mission statement.

But this doesn’t mean that is tailored for collectors only. We will live our mission statement in more than one way. is built on give and take, with members sharing information as they collect. Another way is through our Affiliate Programme.

What is the Affiliate Programme?

The Affiliate Programme is our way to say thank you to you. Through your help, is able to get new users, which helps us all. New paying users ensure the continuity and the ongoing development of

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Our Youtube channel

For each and every user you bring, you will be credited with 3% of the subscription fee. This equates to approximately one Euro for a CB premium account.

Normally for such affiliate programmes, you only get this amount once – for the initial subscription. However, we are going to pay this amount for every year that the user who has come from your end has an ongoing membership. This is our way to say an ongoing thank you.

By way of example, if you bring 25 CB-premium users every quarter, then over the course of the first year, you would have got around 100 Euro.

Depending how skilled and extensively you use your affiliate possibilities (Facebook, fan pages etc.), you could earn several hundred or even a thousand Euros per year.

With which other banner or affiliate programmes has this possible up to now? With none! So why did we take this decision? Because we want to be fair. is our vision and we would like to share it with you.

How can I participate?

You can register on via the properties page.

You simply need to activate your Affiliate Programme account at the end of the page, accept the General Conditions and click on save.
Your Affiliate Programme account is then activated immediately and you can get started.

How are new users linked to me?

There are two possibilities for users to be linked to you.

  1. The new user comes via a link into which you have built in your Affiliate code. The process for this is rather simple: you take the code and add it to the end of the URL to which you would like to link.
    The bold part of the URL (?affiliate=2) is your Affiliate code.
  2. When a user registers, they can indicate your username and this will link to you. In the case that the user is comes via your link, your name is already preselected.

How do I keep track of the Affiliate Programme?

It is easy to lose sight of how the Affiliate Programme is working for you and what you are getting from it. For example, first the new user has a CB-free account then they switch to a  CB-light or CB-supporter II or CB-premium account. Each account has different costs. And what happens when a user changes type? Then what about when a user switches to a more expensive account later on – what happens to the different in amounts? And how is that accounted for?

Confused? No? I would be 😉

However, we have a points statistics and payments/quarter overview and these can help you keep track of how the Affiliate Programme is working for you.


You may think that this Affiliate Programme is a good idea but you have never used one before and have no idea how to go about it.
Here are some tips:

Tip 1: How can I best use the links?

How you can best use links with your affiliate code depends which website you are on and which possibilities you have.

On your own website:
On your own site you can use a banner. But as banners are quite commonplace, it’s possible that this may be ignored.

It is better to use links to in your articles. If you write about a specific object, you can link it within your article to our page. You could, for example, do this in a separate paragraph by mentioning that you are a CB User and that this object is already in the database. Or you can link to it by saying that you can get updated information about this object on It would also be an idea to link to your article on the object page itself, providing more readers for your article as well – a double benefit.

Never set your link without thinking. Always put it within a context.

Within forums:
Within forums a link to a specific object is almost self-explanatory. But what else should you do in a forum?

Attention: Before using a link with your affiliate code, always ask the admin first or check the forum terms and conditions. It could be that they don’t want you to use their platform for your own purposes. If you have permission, it would be good if you could also set a backlink to “relevant internetlinks”, which is also good for the forum.

With Facebook, the carousel method is good type to use as an input. The users see several pictures and if the click on it they will be forwarded to the CB page with your affiliate code. If you write something interesting/funny, your article could be even shared and others help to spread your Affiliate code.

How to use the carousel on Facebook:

If you have further proposals or ideas, please write to us or add a comment to this article.

Tipp 2: Check if your links are working

On the overview page of the Affiliate Programme there is a point called “used links”.

Here, you can find all the links that have been used within the last 30 days and how often they have been used. This should help you find out which links are working, and which sites are most effective. If you know WHERE and HOW you can best use the links, this information can help you optimize your placements in order to maximize your returns.

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