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Affiliate Program - log in

1. Login

Register for free at with a CB-free account and activate the affiliate program.

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affiliate program - link your topic

2. Link your topic

Wherever you are sharing your passion for collecting, show it with a link to

To let you do this, we provide you with your personal affiliate link in your collection database.

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3. make money

Earn up to 27 euros and 3.6% in the following years.
You will receive a  bonus  for every paying user that comes from you.

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Our Affiliate Program – a win-win situation

  • Everyone can use the Affiliate Program without having to fulfill any requirements.
  • We do not expect that you place banners on your site. We know that the banners, whose content we control, may not fit with the design of your site. (Of course, if you’d like to use a banner, you’re welcome > Banner.)
  • Private Internet users can use the Affiliate Program by simply linking their affiliate code to a particular object.
  • We will transfer to you the total net income (after tax and various fees) for the first year. After that you will receive 3.6% per user every year.

A collector who already managed his collection on and presented his collection on Facebook. On Facebook he has 3,780 followers who track his posts in his collection account. If only 1% (38 users) of his followers are convinced to use through his postings, this results in a maximum amount of 1,037 euros in the first year.

Example calculation

Premium in the first year: – The net profit belongs to you.
This is 1.037 Euro based on only 38 users, who come from you in one year to

1. year1.037 € ~ 1,2285 USD795 € ~ 976 USD523 € ~ 642 USD
subsequent years 3.6%37.33 € ~ 45 USD28.52 € ~ 34 USD18.83 € ~ 22 USD

You only get the net profit in the first year, because we also have to pay bills. But you will continue to receive from us a bonus for paying users, which is at the fixed amount of 3.6% of their subscription. Of course, the more paid users come from you, the higher is your fixed bonus for subsequent years.

follow-up bonus

The more paying users come from you, the higher your fixed follow-up bonus.

3.6% - 38 users37.53 € ~ 46 USD28.78 € ~ 35 USD18.93 € ~ 23 USD
3.6% - 100 users98.77 € ~ 121 USD75.73 € ~ 92 USD49.81 € ~ 61 USD
3,6% - 200 users197.53 € ~ 242 USD151.45 € ~ 186 USD99.61 € ~ 122 USD

We pay you the follow-up bonus for every user who subscribes to the collection database of for another year – regardless of whether you promote additional users or not. As long as there are users you refer, you will get this amount.
The only requirement: You need a CB-free account – which has no cost – so you can register for the affiliate program and get your affiliate code. Otherwise there are no conditions from our side that you have to fulfill.

How do I advertise to get new users?

The easiest way to find new users is to inform them about That means information and tips, passing on news and articles. This is where you come in: talk about and link to us, so that as many collectors as possible find out about The quality of our database will convince them – we are sure!

If you’re communicating on Facebook in a forum, or anywhere else about a product you’ve just bought, built, or discovered somewhere, then put a link (with your AF code) to the object on

For example: “I read the book STAR WARS The Official Story today. Really good book, contains a lot of info about…”

That’s all it takes. You do nothing more than normal, except that through using your affiliate code you create a link to our collection database.
If you manage your collection with us and post presentations or trading lists, always use your affiliate code in the link. Of course, you can also talk about and your experience with our collection database. This would be great because new users learn about it faster – and we all benefit from it. Just be as you always are and connect with us, that it is.

This, of course, creates fantastic opportunities for forums, fan pages and users with a Facebook or other social media account. You automatically have a much larger group of users reading your postings.
So, you don’t have to use banners, and you can include the links to us as is right for you.
Do you have any other questions?

Just write us a message or call me via Skype.

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