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Superman: Lois and Clark – Prelude to DC Rebirth

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GERMANDC once again arrived – like many times before – at a perfect beginning for new readers. This event is called DC Rebirth. But before I will provide you with a little insight to the new monthly comic series I  would like to show you my personal comeback to the DC comic universe. It starts with the two Superman paperback: Superman: Lois und Clark.

Flash Destroys Everything

Before I start a short explanation why it is a comeback for me.I always read older Batman and Superman comics, but the restart of the DC universe back in 2013 was a litte bit of a shock to me and I don’t believe I was the only one. Who read the event „Flashpoint“? You guys know what I’m taling about. The speedster Flash created a new reality where everything was different. He tried to reverse those changes, but that did not work out quite the way he wanted. Now many heroes never met before and did not know each other. Families and relationships were torn apart as if they had never existed. Thank you very much, Barry Allen.

While I could accept the new Batman, Superman annoyed me. He really got on my nerves and the fact that he was now romantically involved with Wonder Woman did not make it easier. I really like her, but I prefer Lois and Clark as a couple. So I ignored the DC comics for a while – fangirls also have their pride – and watched the new DC movies and tv shows and read comics from other publishers except some Batman, Batgirl and Catwoman comics.

Appendix: It seems that I misjudged Flash for the last years. The authors really tricked me and their other readers. Last week I finally read DC Rebirth… and what do I find out? Flash did indeed correct the timeline, but a mysterious higher force, which we will apparently get to know in time, changed everything.

Nostalgia in a new Universe

Then some time ago I read the great news: The Superman version I loved, survived and would return to the DC universe. So for several years my Clark and Lois versions from the old universe live with a new name in this new world, unknown to them. Lois works as an anonymous author, because there already is a Lois Lane working at the Daily Planet. Superman’s secret identity was revealed to the public in this world. He is an enemy of the state, so the old Clark unpacks his old suit from the 90s (the black costume he wore during the groundbreaking event “The Death of Superman“) and saves the world unseen from natural disasters. Heroic deeds in the shadows where he does not stand in the spotlight.

Cool innovation: Clark and Lois now have a son named Jonathan who appears for the first time during the event „Convergence“. That’s the initial situation of the two comic books which is shown in flashbacks in every chapter.

Hero in Exile

During her investigations for a new back Lois takes on with members of the crime syndicate Intergang and is soon targeted by the gangsters while Clark has to deal with an escaped telepath and extraterrestrial visitors. Jonathan, who is called Jon by his parents, discovers that something strange goes on with his life and that his parents keep secrets. But whatever will be, will be and Jon discovers his heritage as Son of Superman

The story is told with less action than you’re used to when reading Superman comics. Familiy and their interaction is the central topic and author Dan Jurgens knows how to tell a good story without getting boring. The funniest thing for me are the scenes in which Clark and Lois try to find new alibis to keep secret from their son taht his dad is a superhero.  This is my personal comic highlight of the last months and makes you craving for the next comic issues. The newest DC Rebirth comics already pile up on my “to-read” pile.

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