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If you talk to non-collectors about collectors, two types will immediately come to mind: the stamp collector and the coin collector.

Both are found in the world of merchandise collectors, but compared to the masses of other object types, stamps are exotics in a merchandise collection.

There are tons of properties for stamps, properties that someone who doesn’t collect stamps would never even think about. For example, one people only collect counterfeit stamps – but there are different types of counterfeit stamps, and others only collect certain, particular types. To dive into the world of philately can be very interesting and exciting.

Stamps and coins have one thing in common. They are lived history. That is why one particular collector would only want those stamps that have been stamped, which have already been in the world on the way to their collection. Other collectors prefer stamps that are unstamped, which have been sold by the sales desk to a collecting folder.

You see, stamp collectors differ in nothing from a STAR WARS, or MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE collector.
Well, apart from a philatelist needing much less space!

There is also another similarity that stamp collectors have with other merchandisers. Something that is important to every collector – namely the properties that a particular collecting type has.

We are merchandisers. Stamps are great, but our knowledge about them is limited I’m afraid. Therefore, we have decided for the moment to keep the characteristics of stamps as down. Rather than make a guess about what stamp collectors would want, we would like the first philatelists to tell us what properties they want to have.

This is the good thing about The collection database is designed to adapt to each object type quickly and easily.  A good example of this will be for stamps. I am very curious about the first demands that stamp collectors will have. Until then, merchandisers have fun with this object type.

For the purpose of illustration, we have entered a first stamp sheet.

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