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The world of STAR WARS was never a peaceful one, you always quickly get on the front line. Even in the peacetime of the Republic, you were not safe in the depths of space.
But what wars were there? And where can you read about them? Interestingly, there are a lot of books and series on the technology, planets, and living things in the STAR WARS universe, such as the illustrated STAR WARS visual Dictionary.

As to the wars themselves, however, there is very little literature. Therefore, I will introduce the books there are in this post.

On the Front Lines

STAR WARS - ON THE FRONT LINESThe new book On the Front Lines has made me aware of just how little has been written. I noticed that there are – as far as I know – just two and half books on this topic.

On the Front Lines is the most recent book. It corresponds to the still small Disney Canon in which the pre-Disney-Expanded-Universe is also called LEGENDS, which ignores quite a bit. Accordingly, short the list of battles is. No sinister Sith wars and no invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong or similar dark wartimes.

There are the battles of the Clone Wars, the Empire against the rebels from episodes I-VII including Scarif and Jakku, and of course the Battle of the Starkiller Base.

The battles are informatively divided into small appetizers. The areas are:

Battle introduction

– Overview: How did the battle begin?
– Start of the battle: Direct trigger for the battle
– Tactical analysis: How was fighting done?
– Aftermath: What was the consequence?

I was there – there is always a witness report.
True Heroism – reports of a single soldier and their heroic deeds in battle.
Instruments of War – which weapons / vehicles were used? A small overview of the most important equipment.
Fighters – correctly, this should be called “units” because this is not about a single fighter but rather the units that were involved in the battle.
Commander – a picture and a short text on the respective commanders on both sides of the battle.

The construction of the book is very interesting, but I have to complain that it is only from the perspective of the “good guys”. There’s no tale from the imperial side of the battle and there are no exploits of the “bad guys”.

The same applies to the description of the battle. A battle is never described from the point of view of the Separatists, the Empire, or the New Order. The book cover, though, would have led me to assume the exact opposite as the rebels are represented in a secondary manner on the envelope, with just a few X-Wing fighters in the background.

IMPERIAL HANDBOOK: A Commander’s Guide

IMPERIAL HANDBOOK: A COMMANDER’S GUIDEThis is the half of a book I mentioned earlier. This book does not talk about the wars in the STAR WARS universe, but rather about the imperial doctrinefor the war the Empire has waged. Here are all ranks, troop units, vehicles and weapons that have been used, and much more exactly.

It provides a very deep and accurate insight into the Imperial army and fleet and it is the new Disney canon, so is currently valid.

This particular book was stolen by the rebels and read by various rebel leaders has been filled with notes in the margin. I don’t find these interesting, to be honest. Luke, Leia and Han seldom write anything meaningful, and their comments mostly remind me of youthful nonsense than constructive notes. Occasionally though Rieekan, Madine, Wedge and Mon Mothma have written something informative.



Compressed to 246 pages, this book provides a detailed insight into all the wars in the STAR WARS Universe of the expanded Universe (Legends). Due to its wealth of information, it is a very intense book. But new STAR WARS fans won’t be overwhelmed. It introduces the reader to the matter in a good manner and never gets boring.

The special art of this book is that it comprehensively informs the reader in ever new ways. Personal letters, testimonials, explanations of vehicles and spaceships are included – even a report from a female stormtrooper. Armies are introduced, and space maps explain areas.

It was published at 2012 and is therefore no longer up to date, as far as the official canon is concerned. Nevertheless, it is a very interesting book.


Of course, you can manage books in our collection database, like everything else.

bject overview

Anyone interested in the wars and battles in the STAR WARS universe should expand their STAR WARS library with these books.

But maybe other STAR WARS military books are unknown to me – do you know a book that needs to be included in this list?

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