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GERMANUpdate 05.29.2020: faulty figures

The reasons for my enthusiasm right at the beginning:

  • The quality of the stones is very good
  • The packaging is great design,
  • The descriptions are very easy to understand (you even get a bookmark!)
  • The sets are based on the 1:12 toy line. That’s really great, you build the sets and feel like you’re back in your childhood 🙂
  • The sets are very stable and suitable for playing and presenting


If you deal with MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE sooner or later the topic of decline comes up.
MOTU was more successful than Barbie but then it was over.
Until today there were many attempts to bring MOTU back on the shelves of toy stores, but without success.

The question is why?
There are many explanations for this and each one has its justification in the overall mix.

But why doesn’t Mattel succeed in making a comeback?
When I look at what Mattel is doing with MEGA, I am not surprised anymore.

The parents of today were the children of yesterday playing with MOTU. The theme of this world is also interesting for children of today. If there was a series or a film along the way, children would discover MOTU for themselves even faster.

With MEGA CONSTRUX, Mattel would have a good chance to build up a worthy and potent competitor to LEGO and at the same time give MOTU the necessary impetus again.


In 2015 we have already reported on facebook about MOTU plans with MEGA CONSTRUX.
The interest was strong but then it was quiet again.

I’m a MOTU fan but not a dedicated MOTU collector, which means I’m not actively looking for news on the subject and I’m very careful not to change that. Also my collectors budget is limited and I put my money into the further development of
But when I recently discovered the MEGA CONSTRUX Castle Grayskull at Amazon, I had to buy it immediately. It just couldn’t be otherwise and I really like the set.

But now I understand why MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE is not making a comeback.

But first to the MEGA CONSTRUX product itself

The bricks from MEGA CONSTRUX are of good quality but not free of flaws.

MEGA bricksIt’s hard to believe, but Mattel doesn’t seem to have shared his experience in making plastic parts with MEGA. On almost every stone there is a white spot, this is probably the place where the plastic is injected into the mould. But I want to believe that this is a teething problem. Because it must be possible to avoid this flaw.

There is no such thing at LEGO and everyone has to be measured against LEGO!
LEGO is the standard, not just the qualitative goal that has to be achieved in the best case. LEGO it is the minimum standard, if you are below it, you are automatically classified as inferior.

You can also find merchandise like STAR TREK, HALO, CALL OF DUTY, BARBIE at MEGA BLOKS. Of course I can’t say how the stones will behave over the years but now they look very high quality to me. But I am not sure about the yellow stones. They are a bit soft, soft plastic changes with time and with the way they are stored.
The MEGA CONSTRUX action figures are full-fledged action figures. They have joints at the shoulder, elbow, torso, hip and knee. They may take some time to get used to, if you are only familiar with the LEGO minifigures, but they do not stand out negatively.
My five-year-old daughter also accepted the figures immediately and finds them better than the LEGO minifigures.

The starting position is therefore a very good one.

Price/performance ratio MEGA CONSTRUX vs LEGO

Castle Grayskull from MEGA CONSTRUXWell done bricks, good figures and a great company theme and other themes like STAR TREK at the start.
The price/performance ratio of MEGA CONSTRUX is unbeatable compared to LEGO.
If made by LEGO the Castle Grayskull set would cost around 400 Euro. So 200 Euro is a gift compared to LEGO standards. Last but not least there is the most important advantage MEGA CONSTRUX has.

MEGA CONSTRUX is a brand of Mattel.
That means Mattel doesn’t have to pay licence fees, but other products like the STAR TREK series are also very cheap compared to LEGO.

Mattel is after LEGO the biggest toy manufacturer in the world!

MEGA CONSTRUX theoretically has a worldwide distribution network and financial means that other LEGO competitors can only wish for. MEGA CONSTRUX could become a serious competitor to LEGO within a very short time and, by the way, start a comeback of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.

Battle of Eternia CollectionThe parents of today’s children know MOTU from their own childhood, they know LEGO and when they see LEGO and MEGA CONSTRUX in the toy store and compare prices…
What will they buy when it comes to knights, monsters, etc. and a MEGA CONSTRUX pack would also have the Mattel logo on it?

The Mattel logo would be important because the familiar Mattel logo creates confidence in the unknown product. Nobody wants to buy a cheaper product and then have a disappointed child standing in front of them because the product can’t compete with LEGO.

But MEGA CONSTRUX hides its products or vice versa – Mattel hides its MEGA brand.
In Austria and Germany you can look for it in toy shops in vain and only get it overpriced – but still cheaper than LEGO – at Amazon.
This means that MEGA CONSTRUX will not score points with parents because they don’t even know about MEGA CONSTRUX and parents/relatives want easy access to the goods.
Instead I have only seen the DUPLO clone of MEGA BLOKS at a discount store. This is definitely not the way to place a quality brand and against LEGO every “replica” has to prove itself first.

The Collectors

Collectors are another category, they inform themselves in forums and other MOTU meeting places on the Internet and buy the figures wherever they get them.
But this means that Mattel can only serve existing customers. You won’t get new collectors this way and existing collectors might think twice about starting with MEGA CONSTRUX.

Why should a collector think twice?

After I bought the Castle Grayskull set it didn’t take long and I had the Wind Raider and the Battle of Eternia set. Probably I would have had more, but you can’t get more in Europe and the high prices on eBay and the postal service charges I’m not willing to pay.
So I have three times He-Man and Skeletor. Beast Man two times but at least in two different versions. MEGA CONSTRUX doesn’t think much of the idea that every set includes at least one new figure. They could learn something from LEGO. Which collector wants to have Skeletor three times? OK, in two versions but then I still have a Skeletor version twice.

The figures would certainly be an alternative for MOTU fans, who simply don’t have enough space for the 1:12 figures. For them the small MEGA figures could be a real alternative and Mattel is expanding his customer base.

Battle Cat from MAGE CONSTRUXDo you want to know what my daughter asked me right at the beginning?

“Where’s Battle Cat?”

He-Man without Battle Cat, is that even possible? The two belongs to each other, but Battle Cat’s not on sale.
Even collectors don’t have unlimited funds. We are considering whether or not to add a new line of products to our collection. But to do so it has to appeal to us.

Castle Grayskull is great, but collectors ask themselves as well as my daughter: “Where is Battle Cat?”

Wind Raider from MEGA CONSTRUX

The only picture I found of Battle Cat is from 2018 at the San Diego Comic Con. They sold a Battle Bones exclusively there by the way. That’s how you address a broad public, you sell the products exclusively! This is for sure the best idea to introduce a mass product. After a short look in eBay where the set is not sold for less than 100 Euro, I was not interested anymore.
It might make existing collectors hot, but you have to give potential future collectors easy access, otherwise they won’t even start, and parents will prefer LEGO under these conditions.

MEGA CONSTRUX 02.05.2020

The next point is that there are obviously already single figures in three series available. I found some of them on and entered them into the database, but on the website of MEGA CONSTRUX you can only find 6 items (as of May 02, 2020).

This way it is no fun.

Nevertheless, the products are great but I can only recommend them with restrictions for two reasons.

Missing stones cannot be reordered

My Castle Grayskull set has a stone missing. Replacing the stone was no problem. There was a big surplus of stones, but still one stone is missing and I reordered it on the MEGA CONSTRUX page two months ago. I wanted to know if MEGA CONSTRUX is reliable.
On the MEGA page you can reorder stones a little bit cumbersome. If you throw the packaging away, take a picture of the product codes first, you need them for the order. There was no confirmation mail and until today I have not received a stone.
With LEGO, it also happens that a brick is missing, but I was able to reorder it every time without any problems.

If I couldn’t replace the brick and if the missing brick would have been noticed, I would be really annoyed.

Update 29.05.2020 - Defective figures


Like probably most, I presented my Castle Grayskull at home. He-Man is standing on the drawbridge, summoning the power of Grayskull.

He-Man has stood like this for a month now. Then I asked myself how it would look like if He-Man would sit relaxed on the drawbridge. After I took the sword from He-Man’s hand, I saw it. A light stripe running through the whole hand.


The light stripe means there’s too much tension on the plastic. Sooner or later a part of the hand could break away if the hand is still under tension.

This is due to a design flaw in the hand. If the hand were to embrace the handle a little more, the hand could hold objects more securely with less tension. This is the case with LEGO minifigs. Learn from LEGO. You can say what you want about the LEGO strategy, but the quality of the product is top!

This makes the figures less suitable for playing, but completely unsuitable for presentation.


I don’t want to set up a figure and give it something in the hand, if it is only a matter of time until exactly that leads to its damage!

This is especially controversial when the MEGA also sells single figures. But the figures all hold something in their hands! That means, if you present the figures, sooner or later they will become defective.

The dream of every collector, figures that become defective by simply presenting them.

Lack of color fastness

Mega Blok He-Man

To see how young children react to the action figures, I let my daughter play with them. She was thrilled and played the figures normally. The paint came off after only half an hour, simply because she held the figure in her hand. This is not acceptable!

LEGO is happy

In the meantime, there are several companies competing with LEGO. They all fill in gaps for which LEGO is simply too … clumsy. If LEGO would learn from its competitors, LEGO would be unbeatable. But the competitors are all too small and often only serve niches that LEGO does not pay attention to.

MEGA CONSTRUX as Mattel’s brand is, in theory, a financially and logistically potentially serious competitor, but is nevertheless incompetent in execution and whose products and service cannot be relied upon.

MOTU will certainly not grow up and MOTU will only grow when it reaches children and their parents. A film could also help, perhaps the one that has been promised time and again for years 😉
The MEGA CONSTRUX brand will certainly not build up a reputation as a serious competitor to LEGO in this way. MEGA CONSTRUX will only become known as a niche product among collectors of various merchandise lines.

I won’t let my daughter play with my Mega Construx MOTU sets anymore, but I would have bought her some. If I could get them in a store and it keeps the color.

Typical corporate distress?


My personal assumption is that Mattel, as a large corporation, suffers from the same problem as many other corporations: those responsible have no connection to the product.
Instead of seeing the LEGO market as a new market, because you can serve large areas, the fear of possible loss wins. This way, however, you cannot enter the hunting grounds of a larger competitor who only has ONE product.

You have to imagine that!
LEGO has only one product and basically no competitors. Mattel would be able to enter a huge market where they have never been before!
In fact, any manager should be on the verge of a heart attack of excitement when he imagines the potential.
But without knowing the product, the customer, the market, caution is the key. The market entry of MEGA cannot even be called overcautious, it simply does not exist.

KRE-O from Hasbro

Maybe they are also afraid of a flop like Hasbro had with KRE-O?

If you talk to Hasbro employees, the reason for the failure of KRE-O quickly becomes clear. LEGO is one toy among many in the USA but unbeatable in Europe. Transformers are very popular in the USA but one toy among many in Europe.

If you make the decision to combine LEGO with Transformers you get a toy that is not very popular in the USA or Europe. This happens when the decision makers have no relation to the market and their products. Today KRE-O is living a shadowy existence. Hasbro Merchandise also offers products like STAR TREK, but they don’t try to make the brand big anymore.


Mattel mixes two products that have a good acceptance on both sides of the Atlantic. Masters of the Universe was a success all over the world and if the kids of today don’t perceive MOTU as MOTU but just as cool characters, then it fits.
Furthermore the action figures of MEGA CONSTRUX are a real alternative to the minifigures. The figures of the other manufacturers look cheap at best against the LEGO minifigures, but that’s just my personal opinion, as the whole article is 😉

I’m unfortunately having to revise my conclusion. As the update has shown, the figures are faulty and therefore unacceptable.

But who knows, maybe Mattel will come up with the idea that the LEGO market is ready for a worldwide competition? MEGA CONSTRUX has what it takes!
Maybe someone at Mattel has so much sense and is trying it out. AFTER all defects have been remedied.
Mattel is throwing money away every year with new products that flop, so give MEGA CONSTRUX a chance.

I wish it to all of us!

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