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GERMANEager readers via Facebook and here on the blog already know that I am a comics’ fan of the old school.
Coming from the time when the crossover of Superheroes was the exception and there was only ONE Spider-Man and alternative worlds were short guest appearances rather than fixed facilities…. now I sometimes just feel terribly old!

Today’s comic world – especially the Marvel one – rather frightens me more than makes me want to explore them. It’s just “too much”.
Désirée still has me with her article “MARVEL AND DC COMICS – read for newcomers” in which she tries to explain today’s comics.

Marvel Shuperhero ThorNevertheless, despite being ‘old school’, I know most of the superheroes, their nemeses, villains and they are all in their own ways works of art.

(Meanwhile though I’m thinking about whether we should introduce the character genre “babylike”? More and more manufacturers are making figures whose appearance is strongly reminiscent of toddlers or babies. Short legs, oversized head, etc. I like that, I find this style funny. Anyway….)

The MARVEL Superhero Mashers Micro Series is also included in this category.

True, I am a starved and hungry STAR WARS collector, but these figures could be dangerous to my wallet.

I already have the first of three series (so far…). They sit easily on the shelf in front of my sparse collection of Marvel comics but they also have other advantages.

Not least there is finally something with which I can play with my daughter!

Hasbro Marvel Superhero Mashers Micro and LilliSure, there is no way I will let her play with my STAR WARS 1:19 figures. Small pieces and weapons quickly get lost, and besides this is not a children’s toy, but the collector’s most important item! (Well, for me.)

But although kids aren’t allowed to touch my STAR WARS collection, I know that this is a pity. It’s nice when the next generation can grow up with their parents’ collection, when they can play with it and build their own experiences – I mean, how do you tell a toddler that she cannot play with the toys?

The MARVEL Superhero Mashers Micro Series offers an ideal compromise.

There are no fixed connections between the parts and little children’s hands can learn to deal with them quite quickly. Heads, hands and cloaks are taken off and put on again and presented with pride.

Even though I’m not a Marvel fan, it’s still nice to get to know the different superheroes and we also have the vehicles for the MARVEL Superhero Mashers Micro Series. However, my daughter almost completely ignores these – but the boys cannot get enough of them!

Spider-Man SpeederFor myself, I do not care for the cars and vehicles, my focus with this series is on the figures. The cars are far-too¬-far away from the Marvel theme for me, much-too-much toys as a collector’s item. But that does of course help because I do not care if the parts of them get lost somewhere in the depths of the children’s room!

But we have a rule – the figures cannot leave my office. This works quite well and means that I can work while my daughter sits next to me on the floor and concentrates on pulling heads off!

Can I recommend the MARVEL Superhero Mashers Microfigures?


Definitely! I’m sure there are some collectors who already have these series in their collection. In addition, as a gift for small children, they are of course well suited.

And if there are Marvel fans who would like to bring their interest to their own children, they will be hard pressed to find something better!

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