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GERMANProbably some of you have asked yourselves why you haven’t heard from us for a longer time.
You can read a short answer to this question and how it continues in this post.

This was sent to me some time ago:

“Hi, I’m interested in the collectorbase system – it looks really good! But is the site still being actively maintained? From the little bit of looking around, it seems like the updates, etc., stopped in 2018. Just want to make sure it’s not a defunct system before I put in any work transferring my data into it”. has always been maintained, but in mid 2018 too much happened privately and it took a lot of time and energy to take care of it.

NEVER would have been affected and the database would have been left to disintegrate. was born out of the passion for this topic as a thoroughbred collector and either you are a collector or not. You have no chance at all to fight against it. So there was never any danger of disintegration.

For some time now I am actively taking care of in the background again and I am thinking about how it should go on.

First of all I have looked around again if there is a collecting database which can seriously hold its own against us not only in a detail question but as a whole?
I still haven’t found one. In questions of detail yes, but there is nothing that can seriously compete with us as a whole.
No wonder, is anything but trivial in contrast to the usual file card architecture.

So still has a raison d’être and that fills me with pride 🙂
A thoroughbred collector’s heart coupled with a profound understanding of IT architecture makes sense if you are serious about it.

What is planned now:


There will be competitions again. But from now on I will give you a task and only by successfully solving it you will be able to win and yes, that means of course that you have to be a user but a CB-free account is enough.
And yes, it is no use to simply register, you also have to deal with the collecting data base and this is also possible with a CB-free account.

For example, you might have to create a short cut with which you can see very special objects in the object overview. All those who have not yet dealt with the finer details of will get to know the power that makes so unbeatable. does not need to hide

I have always presented as “not yet finished” and that is right … from my point of view!
For me it is not finished yet and also the wishes of our users are wishes on a very high level.
With other databases, you would not get the idea to make wishes of the kind you get with us. Simply because can do more than usual collecting data bases.

But this is also because we involve you in the development of We do not only talk, we really involve you.
That you have the “+” Icon everywhere in the collecting data base and not only in the detail page, was for example an objection that came from you. At the beginning I was not very enthusiastic about the idea, now I think it’s good. We listen to you and discuss innovations with you, don’t decide anything over your head. After all you should like to work with The collecting data base is your daily tool, so we ask you for your opinion.

The whole presentation of will be changed accordingly and also the cheaper Supporter II account will be closed.

From my point of view is unfinished, but nevertheless it is a fully operational database that doesn’t need to hide.

We will also not spend much time and money in searching for an investor anymore. It would have been nice if we had found someone to help us finance but we haven’t found a wealthy collector and all other ways are blocked.

Then slowly steam ahead but by our own efforts.

Budget Management


To a really good collecting data base, belongs a really good budget management!
It is important to know how much money you still have at your disposal or how it will turn out with various pre-orders in the next months?

Therefore you need a good budget management.

This will be the last thing we will build on 0.1 after we have removed several bugs and then you will probably not see anything new from us for a while. How long it will take is a question of financial resources and they are extremely limited. So … slowly but surely.

Unfortunately, the budget management won’t be able to do everything we would like it to do, but in version 2.0 it certainly will.

But that’s OK, because you already have a fully functional database where you can manage every type of object you can think of.
I am looking forward to a user who has announced that he wants to manage insects with us! This is really something completely different with us 🙂 2.0

The current version of our collecting data base has been developed from a prototype. We had someone to find investors for us. He told us to build a prototype, with which he would definitely find investors. The prototype cost a lot of money, but he didn’t bring us any investors.

Since I have never been a friend of waste, the prototype was built so that we could base the further database on it, and we did that.

In the meantime, the technology has evolved and there are many interesting possibilities!

Here are some examples of what we are planning:

– offline version

We will build 2.0 so that you can use it offline. Whether on your Smartphone or PC does not matter at all. This was a wish that came up again and again from the very beginning. Up to now we were not able to do this. We had to build our own offline version and that would have cost time and resources that we don’t have.
With 2.0 you will be able to access your collection offline.
We are still no friends of apps, the storage space on Smatphones is limited and we would need a lot of space. Apart from that, the effort for always up-to-date apps for Android and iPhone is considerable.
You won’t have to install anything extra, you just use offline in your browser.
But you won’t be able to enter new objects offline, you will only be able to change private data – as long as you are offline. The reason for this is simple, if you don’t have a connection to and could enter new items, the rate of duplicate items would inevitably increase dramatically.


– an object with multiple object types

It soon turned out that there are many objects that combine more than one type of object.For example, a diorama made of Klemm building blocks. A key ring with a flashlight.
Autographs, this object type needs a object slide and this is usually an object from another object type. You could make a set out of it, but a set consists of differently arranged objects, each of which can occur on its own. With an autograph this is definitely not the case.

– more functions

An IT project is a kind of living organism and we learn with the user experience in our daily work. We constantly find possibilities for improvement. With many of them we encounter limitations due to the “prototype core”. These boundaries are then no longer there. The architecture becomes more open and with the experience we have now, version 2.0 will build much better.

You will be able to use it as a beta version. Because it will be compatible with the current version. We have no idea how long it will take to finish version 2.0 but we will build it, that’s for sure. Based on the situation described above, Ben assumes that it will take at least one year to build the new version.

Object types and properties

Of course you can still request other object types and properties. However, I ask you to enter the objects of your collection first, for which object types already exist. There have been requests for object types again and again and then only two or three objects have been entered.
This does not make a good picture for visitors of, if they find nearly empty object types. It’s like a party where nobody is at.

As mentioned above, we already have an insect collector on, but first he enters his comics before he will enter his insects. We are grateful for this kind of cooperation. A good impression helps us all, because the more users we have, the more varied the objects become, the less you have to enter yourself.

You see, still exists, but if something has to be done as a hobby, sometimes there is no other choice than to leave it at the back.
Nevertheless is never in danger of being discontinued.

I hope this information has given you clarity about the next steps.
If you have questions or just want to say something about this topic, you can of course contact me privately by mail or publicly here in the blog or open a new topic in the forum.

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