22 Feb

Data security on COLLECTORBASE.net


GERMANQuestions such as, “How easy is it to hack COLLECTORBASE.net?” or “Is my data secure in the collection database?” are understandable and justifiable given the huge database of COLLECTORBASE.net.
Just recently, one of our collectors asked the following question:

“When I manage my collection on COLLECTORBASE.net, my whiskey and my STAR WARS collection has a lot of value. How do you make sure no one finds out my address and breaks into my house? “

In this post, I will explain everything to you regarding the safety of your data and the protection we have against data theft. I will keep it as understandable as possible, since I know very few of you will be IT professionals.

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09 Jan


Books, Reviews By No Response


The world of STAR WARS was never a peaceful one, you always quickly get on the front line. Even in the peacetime of the Republic, you were not safe in the depths of space.
But what wars were there? And where can you read about them? Interestingly, there are a lot of books and series on the technology, planets, and living things in the STAR WARS universe, such as the illustrated STAR WARS visual Dictionary.

As to the wars themselves, however, there is very little literature. Therefore, I will introduce the books there are in this post.

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12 Dec


COLLECTORBASE.net, Tutorial By No Response

GERMANWe have good news for you! The object overview is now much faster!

What we did is – almost – quick and easy to explain.
The object overview looks trivial and simple, but it is not. It consists of several tools and must be able to process, sort and display thousands of objects. To make matters more complicated, each object can have different information requirements for each collector.
This means that our object overview has to do a lot more to do than most of the websites you know. COLLECTORBASE.net can do much more than regular websites and other collections databases, and that means more data that needs to be processed.

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05 Dec


Action Figures, Reviews By No Response


Ghostbusters Ecto-1Hasbro and Mattel are the two biggest toy manufacturers. We know of the innumerable brands of these two companies, and they inspire us merchandising fans with STAR WARS, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, Transformers and much more. But neither of the two has a brand that has been an evergreen in children’s rooms for generations. There are only two companies / brands that come to my mind: LEGO and Playmobil.

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04 Dec


COLLECTORBASE.net, Tutorial By No Response

GERMANA search fulfills two tasks:

– It finds a certain thing.
– It filters a smaller quantity from a large quantity.

For example, one could filter all the red balls from a big mountain of coloured balls.

In this article, I’ll show you what you can do with the search tool, using simple examples.

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02 Oct


Action Figures, Reviews By No Response

GERMANEager COLLECTORBASE.net readers via Facebook and here on the blog already know that I am a comics’ fan of the old school.
Coming from the time when the crossover of Superheroes was the exception and there was only ONE Spider-Man and alternative worlds were short guest appearances rather than fixed facilities…. now I sometimes just feel terribly old!

Today’s comic world – especially the Marvel one – rather frightens me more than makes me want to explore them. It’s just “too much”.
Désirée still has me with her article “MARVEL AND DC COMICS – read for newcomers” in which she tries to explain today’s comics.

Marvel Shuperhero ThorNevertheless, despite being ‘old school’, I know most of the superheroes, their nemeses, villains and they are all in their own ways works of art.

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29 Sep

Reading Marvel and DC Comics for Beginners

Comics, Reviews By No Response

You would like to read Marvel and DC comics. But where to start? If you look around in a comic shop as a beginner you are a bit shocked by the variety you can read. For every hero there are multiple series. But once you start to deal with the matter it’ is not as complicated as it seems at first.

As new Marvel and/or DC reader you should not be scared by the long history of both publishers who brought out their first comics in the 1930s. Throughout the years there have been perfect starting points for new readers, but in fact you can start wherever you want. If you get a number 1 of a series, that’s fine. If not then just start in the middle.

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04 Aug

Postage stamp

COLLECTORBASE.net, Object Types By No Response


If you talk to non-collectors about collectors, two types will immediately come to mind: the stamp collector and the coin collector.

Both are found in the world of merchandise collectors, but compared to the masses of other object types, stamps are exotics in a merchandise collection.

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13 Jul

The Search

COLLECTORBASE.net, Tutorial By No Response


The search tool of COLLECTORBASE.net is designed for the high demands and needs of collectors and is the most powerful tool of its kind!

Collectors have been fed up with very simple / cheap search tools for a long time. While these tools are easy to use, they deliver very little and are not useful. So we’ve put together our own search tool, one that is simple to use AND which can deliver the results that we’ve all wanted. This tool’s great advantages are:

+ The searches are storable and retrievable

+ You can search for highly specific, exact points

+ It is unlimited in the number of search parameters

+ You can combine different searches

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09 Jul


COLLECTORBASE.net, Tutorial By No Response


The object overview link makes the three tools within it the ultimate combination.
You can display as many different object types (for example, action figures) or groups of objects (e.g., show me everything about STAR WARS) as you wish, and all with only one mouse click / finger tip.

Object Overview - Shortcut


If you want to know what possibilities you have with the object overview, please read the tutorials of for the search, sorting and table functions. These tutorials will show you how to make a unit from all these tools; how to save your desired sort, search and table settings; and how to create a new link to access your saved settings.

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