03 Aug

Competition: Playmobil

Competition By No Response

GERMANStart: 5 August 2020 / End: 30 August 2020

With the support of playmobil, we are holding a competition on the occasion of the publication of our blog entry “Playmobil 2020: Back to the Future / Scooby-Doo!”

2x “Back to the Future DeLorean” sets
2x “Mystery Machine by Scooby-Doo!”

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31 Jul

Playmobil 2020: Back to the Future / Scooby-Doo!

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GERMANIn December 2017 we reported on Playmobil for the first time: Playmobil Ghostbusters – Welcome to merchandising

In this article, I’ll take a look at the extent to which the new products from playmobil with the merchandise from Back to the Future and Scooby-Doo! are suitable for us collectors.

Have fun reading!

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22 Jul

Build your X-Wing from DeAgostini

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All information about the collection

This article describes the Star Wars kit series “Build your X-Wing” by DeAgostini. The extremely detailed X-Wing model is based on miniatures from Industrial Light & Magic. These were constructed for the shooting of the special effects of Star Wars “A New Hope”. In each magazine there are high-quality components made of metal and plastic. These can be assembled effortlessly with screwdrivers and other fastening options.

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07 Jul

How do I get my new object types or properties?

COLLECTORBASE.net, FAQ, Object Types By No Response

GERMANWe can create any type of object you want.

You only have to contact us by mail or via the “NEW” icon in the collecting data base.
You describe what you want to collect with the object type and what additional properties you need.

Then my work begins.

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14 Jun


COLLECTORBASE.net, Object Types By No Response

GERMANFor the sake of completeness, I also define bobblehead here:

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26 May

The Art of STAR WARS

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GERMANUpdate 05.26.2020: THE ART OF STAR WARS – The Rise of Skywalker

If you are interested in the development of STAR WARS, you will inevitably encounter THE ART OF STAR WARS series.
Since 1979, the series has supplied and shown many conceptual drawings. Over time, the series has changed substantially, going from a simple collection, to developing into a kind of “making of” from an artistic point of view.

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20 May


Action Figures, Bricks, Reviews By No Response

GERMANUpdate 05.29.2020: faulty figures

The reasons for my enthusiasm right at the beginning:

  • The quality of the stones is very good
  • The packaging is great design,
  • The descriptions are very easy to understand (you even get a bookmark!)
  • The sets are based on the 1:12 toy line. That’s really great, you build the sets and feel like you’re back in your childhood πŸ™‚
  • The sets are very stable and suitable for playing and presenting


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18 May

COLLECTORBASE.net 2.0 or “What’s next?”

COLLECTORBASE.net By No Response

GERMANProbably some of you have asked yourselves why you haven’t heard from us for a longer time.
You can read a short answer to this question and how it continues in this post.

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03 Jun


COLLECTORBASE.net, FAQ, Tutorial By No Response

GERMANIt’s one of the irritants in life, when you have to find something in a list – such as your country or language – and you have to spend time scrolling back and forth to see where it is.
It always makes me happy when I can find my own country at the top of the list. So much quicker and easier.

The collection database of COLLECTORBASE.net has this function, but a lot more as well. Not only can you place your own country at the top, you can also display any country, language and currency your like at the top!

This makes sense for collectors. While we buy and sell all over the world, we generally return to a number of countries more than others. If we want to save where our collectibles come from, it’s convenient if our favorite countries are at the top of the list.

A simple but helpful comfortable feature that is quick and easy to learn – like everything in COLLECTORBASE.net’s collection database.

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22 Mar

Designer Toys (Urban Vinyl / Vinyl Figures)

COLLECTORBASE.net, FAQ, Object Types By No Response

GERMANDesigner Toys are becoming increasingly popular. More and more artists are trying out this type of object, thereby creating ever greater diversity in this category of collectibles.
From cheap Funko figures to high-priced limited-edition figures in short runs – more and more offers are coming onto the market.

We were interested in what distinguishes Designer Toys, and how they distinguish themselves from other types of objects. It seemed complicated at the beginning, but we found a good way to define them.

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