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Advantages of our collection database

Use to manage your entire collection. Show off your collection as you wish, and save time and money.

Universal properties

Our collection database has a host of features and is designed to be as accessible and flexible as possible.

Collection Overview
  • Each object type – Collect everything you want, from an action figure to a tin plate.
  • Customized database – You can customize the database to suit your needs.
  • Easy menu navigation – Fully assisted, easy-to-understand menus.
  • Wiki approach; benefit from the knowledge of all our users. 
  • Cloud – your collection database is secure on our cloud! 
  • Always with you, for access when and where you need it.
  • Permanent development; as we continue to develop the CB together with our users in the forum.
  • Saves you time and effort, removing the need for so much manual tracking


In the detail view, you can see all the properties for a particular object in your collection.

  • Flexible view – you decide which properties you want to see for which object type
  • Data is calculated for each individual object from all collections
  • Image bar with images of your choice
  • Publish your photos so other collectors can use them in their collection.
  • Protect your images, if desired, with an automatically created watermark.
  • Order your properties exactly the way you want them.
  • Optimise the space for smartphones and hide features that you rarely use.
  • Properties that are not available yet will be created for you if necessary

Object Overview

The object overview is the control center of the collection database and is equipped with powerful tools to give a detailed view.

  • There are four (4) different views to display your objects.
  • Switch between objects in your collection and those for which you are looking.
  • Perfect for browsing.
  • View your objects by theme, or by class by object type or other options.
  • Filter for objects with our search tools.
  • Use as many search parameters as you want (unlimited).
  • Use sorting with your own searches.
  • Save sorts, searches, tables as needed.
  • Create tables as you need them to match your search.
  • Use the shortcut to combine search, sorting, and tables into a super tool.


Create your own collection presentations and show them off to, other collectors, friends, family, or whoever you wish.

  • Create your own presentations on the Internet.
  • Create presentations by topic, object type or other criteria.
  • Once set, your presentations update themselves as soon as something changes in your collection.
  • Create a password if you do not want everyone to see your presentation.
  • You can create as many presentations as you want.
  • Statistics tell you how often and when your presentations are accessed.
  • There will be more and more presentation types available

Search & Sales LISTS

Create lists for other collectors about the objects you want to sell or buy.

  • The search/sales list can be created automatically
  • The lists are always automatically updated
  • Manual work on the lists is no longer necessary to create actual list
  • Distribute the lists by a link in forums, by email etc.
  • Havin several different sales/search lists will be possible


The collection database is currently the 1.0 version. There will be much, much more coming.
Here is a small outlook for what is ahead!

  • Budget management manages your finances, pre-orders, …
  • Calendar: remembers lent objects, pre-orders, bought objects, objects being shipped, other appointments.
  • Trading Assistant: searches for your desired objects and deals for a better price, if necessary
  • Trading Assistant: offers items you want to sell and answers questions from potential buyers
  • Marketplace: the marketplace is linked to your collectionsaving you all the time and effort of having to duplicate lists.
  • Statistics: create your own statistics and records and paste them into your interfaces
  • We are developing more and more types of presentations for your collections. Choose how you would like your presentations to be shown.

Screenshots of our collection database

Manage everything in one database, right now

Fast support

We are always there for you and will respond to answer as soon as possible.
We are developing together with our users. Therefore, if there are any questions (or problems) please consider raising them in the forum, as we may be able to answer queries other users have had but which they have not asked.

Multilingual Forum

Multilingual Forum

Quick answers from us or other collectors.



If you want, write us an email.



If you prefer, you can also contact us via Facebook. We will answer you as soon as possible.



Of course you can also reach us via Twitter.

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Collectorbase – A must for every collector

The Collectorbase keeps what it promises. It offers every collector its own personal administrative experience. Whoever regularly works with the Collectorbase can thus not only collect his collection piece by piece. He also gradually learns to adapt the Collectorbase perfectly to his own needs. …  read on at – translated with google

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